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Care for older pets (and their friends) in their home

1-2-1 Care

Whether fit, with a health condition or coming to the end of their life, all 'oldies' need and deserve special care and attention. We provide personalised care in the home with 24/7 support, to ensure comfort and good quality of life for as long as possible.

Out of Hours home visits

Pets may become ill or deteriorate at any time. In most cases they will need to be taken to the Out of Hours Clinic. Some may need short term treatment to enable them to see their regular vet or before they are transported. Sometimes sadly they may need euthanasia. We will come to your home and provide treatment; if necessary, help you arrange transportation to the Out of Hours Service or help you to say goodbye kindly and peacefully in your home.

Euthanasia at home

Saying goodbye in the peaceful and familiar surroundings of your home is kinder to you and your companion. When the time comes we are here to help and support you before, during and after the passing of your pet.

Behaviour Therapy

We provide behaviour therapy for cats, dogs and rabbits. We treat most behavioural problems but are particularly interested in those associated with pain.

Our Services

  • Behaviour Services
  • Pain Management and Acupuncture
  • Out of Hours Euthanasia/Medical Visits
  • Palliative and End-of-Life Care

For cats, dogs and small furries. First visit, written report and 3 months’ follow up £120 (£144) Follow up visits £50 (£60) Behavioural problems are one of the most common reasons for pets to be presented to their vets. They can vary greatly in severity and degree to which they affect the relationship between carer […]

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First Appointment for assessment +/- first treatment £50 (£60)

Each subsequent treatment £30 (£36)

The first appointment lasts around 45 minutes.  This involves assessment of the patient and discussion of pain medication, supplements, diet, environmental modification, exercise  requirements and physical therapies. For patients under the care of a Veterinary Surgeon referral and the clinical history are required. If addition or change in medication/diet/supplements is recommended, this is first discussed with the referring Veterinary Surgeon.

Clients will be advised to purchase any medication/supplements from their regular practice.

If acupuncture is appropriate, the first treatment is carried out at the first appointment and is included in the price.

The number and frequency of subsequent treatments depends on the condition(s) and the patient’s response.

An initial course of 3-4 weekly treatments is normally recommended, though, initially,  some conditions may require more frequent treatments.

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Medical visits are carried out only if the problem can be addressed in the home/needs to be addressed prior to transportation to the out of hours service provider (e.g. emergency pain relief).  Selix Vets does not provide transportation to the out of hours service, but may assist clients with loading the patient into their own vehicle.

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Initial consultation £80 (£96).  Follow up consultations from £40 (£48)

Clients have the option of joining an End-of-Life Care Plan for a set fee. Costs depend on the requirements of the patient (e.g. frequency of visits, level of care required).

This service is offered to clients whose pet has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition (months/weeks). Referral by a Veterinary Surgeon is normally required.

The initial appointment is expected to last 1 – 1.5  hours and includes a full assessment of the patient’s condition(s), medication, diet, exercise, environmental modification, nursing needs, owner’s needs and expectations and a Quality of Life evaluation.

There is no obligation to take up the option of a Care Plan. Clients who join have access to advice and support 24/7 by telephone/email;  and priority and discounted rates for out of hours visits.

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