Practice updates

While I remain dedicated to caring for elderly pets, clients with other pets as well as an ‘oldie’ have asked me to care for them as well. Of course I am happy to do so, so now have some younger patients, whom I hope to take care of through a long and happy life!

I will not be taking on any new clients with chicken, but I will continue to provide care for my existing clients. Unfortunately providing this service is not cost effective for the practice, and thus I have reluctantly decided to stop.

Also, thanks to the patience and support of fabulous Lucy, my friend and website designer, I am going to make an effort to start blogging again. This does not come easily to me as I am not a natural technophile and I sometime wonder, with all the information out there, why would someone want to read what I write but then again, if you read my thoughts and advice you will get an idea of the service I provide and whether it may suit you or not. So happy reading!

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