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Elderly pets are special! Even when they are fit, the ageing process brings changes to their immune system, digestive system, muscles, joints, skin, coat and mental alertness. These changes require consideration regarding all aspects of the pet’s life, including diet, exercise and environmental management.

Though age of itself is not a disease, there are many conditions associated with it, such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems etc.  These conditions are managed with specific treatments, but, even if you choose not to treat the condition or your pet is not good at taking the treatment, much can be done to palliate and provide a comfortable life for as long as possible.

Pets affected by a life limiting condition (such as cancer) need extra special care and support.

We will visit your pets in the comfort of their home, assess them and devise a plan with you, taking into account not only their medical needs but their personality, likes and dislikes as well as your needs and requirements.  Our aim is  to ensure comfort and good quality of life for as long as possible.

If we suspect a specific condition, for example diabetes, and you would like to pursue treatment, then we can carry out some tests in the home (take blood or urine) or arrange for further testing at Springwell Vets in Tring,  who provide support with procedures that cannot be carried out in the home.

However, you may choose to provide palliative care only, and we can help you devise an appropriate plan to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible for as long as possible though we are not treating his/her specific condition.

Maintaining good quality of like for as long as possible is paramount. And when the time comes, we can provide a kind and peaceful end at home.