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Annual check ups and vaccinations

There has been quite a bit of correspondence in the veterinary press recently concerning the perception amongst some members of the profession and students that being a GP and spending your day doing routine stuff is somewhat a very poor second to becoming a specialist. Understandably GP have reacted against this suggestion, particularly as it […]

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Feeding your dog or cat

When advising clients about feeding my approach depends on the body condition, age, breed of the pet, as well as clients’ preferences. Whatever diet you choose, make sure it is appropriate for YOUR pet, don’t choose it because it is popular or suits someone else’s. And feed the correct amount. Raw feeding has become popular […]

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Diets for our pets

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to diets for our pets. Pets stores and supermarket shelves have shelf after shelf of the stuff, many claiming to make our dog or cat slimmer, healthier, fitter, happier. Often diet X is promoted as the cure of all ills, much like Dr Dulcamara’s Elisir in Donizzetti’s […]

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Practice updates

While I remain dedicated to caring for elderly pets, clients with other pets as well as an ‘oldie’ have asked me to care for them as well. Of course I am happy to do so, so now have some younger patients, whom I hope to take care of through a long and happy life! I […]

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Even your ‘oldie’ must be microchipped

Microchipping of dogs becomes compulsory in England form April 6th, 2016.  Your dog must be chipped and registered on an approved database within 21 days of that date, and you also have 21 days to change details (e.g. address, telephone number on the database.  It is an owner’s responsibility to make sure that these details […]

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Currently only accept new clients through personal
recommendation or referral by a vet