Behaviour Services

Behavioural problems are one of the most common reasons for pets to be presented to their vets. They can vary greatly in severity and degree to which they affect the relationship between carer and pet. Early intervention, or better still prevention, are more likely to result in resolution or substantial improvement in the problem. Once the behaviour has become well established it is much harder to treat.

And treating behavioural problems is time consuming and hard work for carer and pet!

If you are thinking of acquiring a pet, choosing one that is suitable for your family and lifestyle is essential. For example, many dogs become destructive because their requirements for activity and exercise are not met. Being realistic about how much time we can commit to exercising the dog and choosing one of an appropriate age and/or breed can save a lot of heartache.
If you would like help in choosing or introducing a pet into your family, please contact us.

Pets acquired later in life may also come with some ‘baggage’ and need extra help to overcome it, gain confidence and settle into a new family life.

Older pets may develop behavioural problems. Often these are the result of underlying health problems and addressing these can resolve the behaviour.

If you are worried about your pet’s behaviour, we are here to help. We will assess your pet’s health, behaviour, environment and management, provide a written report outlining the issues, their possible causes and suggested treatment(s) and three months’ follow up to support you as much as you feel you need. Extra visits and support by phone or email during these months are included in the price of the initial consultation.