Services and Charges


Pain Management and Acupuncture

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Behaviour Therapy

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General information

Selix Vets provide care for older and terminally ill pets in the comfort of their own home.

We also offer a referral service for Acupuncture, Pain Management, End-of-Life Care and Behavioural Therapy.  Pets remain registered with their own Practice, but may be under joint care, depending on the condition. In this case any recommendations for diagnostics, treatments or changes in medication are agreed with the pet’s primary Veterinary Surgeon.


Routine Home Visits, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm

We provide a full range of Services, including preventative treatments. Investigations and treatments which cannot be done in the home are carried out at our support Practice, Springwell Vets in Tring (see link).  This service is available only to registered clients of Selix Vets.


Pain Management and Acupuncture

We normally require referral by the pet’s Veterinary Surgeon.

The first appointment lasts around 45 minutes.  This includes a clinical examination, discussion of pain medication, supplements, diet, environmental modification, exercise  requirements, physical therapies and the first acupuncture treatment.

An initial course of 3-4 weekly treatments is normally recommended to assess the patient’s response. Some conditions may require more frequent treatments.


Palliative and End-of-Life Care

The initial appointment is expected to last 1 – 1.5  hours and includes a full assessment of the patient’s condition(s), medication, diet, exercise, environmental modification, nursing needs, owner’s needs and expectations and a Quality of Life evaluation.



We provide this service 24/7, including for clients of other Practices, if they are unable to attend.

We can arrange communal or individual cremation. We normally use Absent Friends (  Clients not registered with Selix Vets may prefer to make arrangements with their own Practice.

Please note that we are not able to remove pets >20kg bodyweight without assistance.


Behaviour Therapy

For cats, dogs and small furries. The assessment is carried out in the pet’s home and the fee includes the visit, the consultation, a written report and 3 months’ follow up.



Routine Visits Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm

Cats, Dogs – First consultation £60; Follow up consultations £40

Small Pets – Consultations £40


Out of Hours Medical Visits

Monday to Sunday and Bank Holidays 8pm to 8am – £100

Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays 8am – 8pm – £80


Acupuncture and Pain Management

First consultation and treatment – £60

Subsequent treatments – £40


Palliative and End-of-Life Care

First consultation – £100

Follow up consultations – from £50



Monday to Friday 9am-9pm – Cats £120; Dogs £140/Giant Breed £160. Rabbits/Small Pets/Chickens £40 (including cremation)

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 9am-9pm – Cats £150; Dogs £170/Giant Breed £190; Rabbits/Small Pets/Chickens £50 (including cremation)

Monday to Sunday and Bank Holidays 9pm-9am – Cats £180; Dogs £200/Giant Breed £220; Rabbits/Small Pets/Chickens £60 (including cremation)

Communal Cremation for Cats and Dogs- Under 10kg £40; 11-40kg £60; over 40kg £70

Transport of the pet to their Primary Care Practice/for individual cremation >5miles – from £20


Behaviour Therapy

First appointment £200; Subsequent appointments (after 3 months) from £80


Examples of other charges

Additional mileage (over 15mile radius of Selix Vets) 80p per mile, minimum charge £5

Dispensing fee £5

Prescription fee £7

Injection fee from £3.50

Blood sampling fee £12.50

Sample processing £5

Test interpretation and reporting £30

Lab Fees – as per lab (including VAT)

In house urine sample £7